Dj Ritu’s

‘A World In London' 


DJ Ritu Presents: A World In London

Production Assistant

Artist Booker

Artist Relation

DJ Ritu has been pioneering at the for front off the global music scene for over 31 years!

A World In London celebrates its thirteenth year as the UK’s definitive global music show, based in the heart of London and presented by DJ Ritu.

Now AWIL is hosted on Resonance FM & SOAS Radio, and is available on-line at iTunes, Mixcloud, and DAB.

My role has grown year on year being with Ritu. I now assist as a booking agent, A&R with the artists before and after the show, I am the official photographer and live streamer, as well as co-hosting duties such as presenting the New Release albums.

This was my first ever show with DJ Ritu on 'A World In London' @ Soas Radio. It helped me find my path.