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Here you can find a selection of my musical ventures thus far. In 2016 I launched my debut mini-album, this acted as an 'end-of-an-era' musical marker. Since the release, the band extended to a seven piece, with a brass section playing upbeat, offbeat reggae as well as some blues, soul, and funk inspired tracks.



Here you can find all the radio projects I am involved in. From being a radio editor at SOAS Radio, to production assistant and media relations manager on 'A World In London', to production on 'Guava Beats' and 'Hit it & Split it', to producing and presenting my own feel good world-beats podcast: 'The Electric Dish'. 



Search through my archive of music articles:

  • Concert reviews for DJ Ritu’s A World In London

  • Album, festival and concert reviews for Rhythm Passport

  • Interviews with major global artists from WOMAD festival and others

  • My personal music and travel blog that touch on record digging in Trinidad and working a music festival in Botswana.

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sophie darling 

I Grew up on the South coast of England. Started playing guitar around 12, sucked till... present. Wrote my first song at 15, and around 17 started to do gigs around town. Gradually my band and repotoire grew till we now stand as an eight-peice reggae fusion band.

 In the following 4 years, I studied Music Technology, and now I study Ethnomusicology at SOAS University.

My passions are reggae and radio. All things music. Food. 







Charlies Harris

There's very few musical things that Charlie can't do. Having been playing guitar for years, Charlie has played with an endless amount of talented musicians, spanning all genres and all artist. Featuring on many albums, he's THE best guitarists around town. Charlie is also in his own bands; The Tens, The Mudlarks, The and the Megan Linford Band.  






Phil Spencer 

Phil has been playing music ever since he was a little kid. He plays guitar, piano and drums and is an all round music mystro. He is now teaching something in a college somewhere... And is playing with his band... The Guitar Legends. 

Phil is also my cousin. \m/






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