The Sophie darling show...

This album came birthed from a roaring fire fueled by friends and family. The album represents the end of an era; more specifically; the first era of Sophie Darling.

I had been playing and writing music for a few years, playing in all around town. In my home city, the music scene was thriving, there was an extremely supportive community for everyone who wanted to sing or play. 

Due to me moving city, I decided I needed to benchmark this period of time officialy. So we managed to Crowdfund over £600 towards the recording and production of this album. On top of this, the album was launched in style (once again thanks to the help of the community) in a wonderful, beautiful castle. The album contains a selection of stories and journeys.


The title track...The Sophie Darling Show .... welcome, to The Sophie Darling Show. The genre and vibe of this track is the most similar to my personal music taste. The lyrics themselves are a story played out in real time. I had found my partner old scribbles of poems, and decided to try and montage all the one liners into a new poem. As I began, in real time, I had a terrible phone-call after having written a verse or two. This phone call sent me on a journey of doubt that shook my confidence. I began to continue the song in that light...until the more I wrote, the better I felt.  


The Hustle is one of my little precious stories; completely un-related to my personal life. I often write by incorporating creative writing. I wanted to create a character, a story. I decided the man was lonely, and yet somehow, he had caused it himself. Therefore he is the only one who can help himself. This song is about that mans struggle. 

The Demons Dance was written very specifically after a certain event. This event was me quitting my fulltime job at 'Wagamama's'. I was living with my partner, paying rent, eating food and the damn council tax. However the time had come where 'The Man' had taken one step too far for me. So I left. This song is about the horror of realising just how tight of a grip 'The Man' has around our lives. 

Sailing For Today was a song typically in the aftermath of being swept of my feet. Although certainly dramatised, the lyrics are a slight insight in too just how hard I fell for the particular individual this track is written about. I refused to admit the song was written about my own feelings, and for months claimed it was about witnessing the loving relationships around me.

When I Go is a song was written about my moving home journey. More specifically the journey it took to make the decision to definitely move to London alone, without my partner (love). Sure the lyrics are a dramatised version of the real underlying emotions. I feared leaving my best friend, and I feared the potential change in myself.    (It all went fab, we're fab...still)

Farewell & Goodbye. Well this song is some what self-explanatory. I wrote this song when I was 19, and I had been excepted to study at University in London England. This inevitably required my moving from my hometown, my community and my family, and settling in the big city instead. I wrote this song about those emotions. 

     The funny thing is... I didn't go anywhere for another two years! Ha.


The Sophie Darling Show Album Launch