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Here is where I will keep a collection of my writings collected whilst traveling or experiencing music. I write this merely for my own enjoyment and memories, as is simply my outlook and opinion in real time.

This segment of my website is not designed for anything other than archiving my memories, and is for no-one aside myself.


Here is a simple space of opinion pieces from myself from in and around the fine British capitol city of London.


Trinidad and Tobago

In the early months of 2018’s immense summer, I travelled thirteen hours on a Virgin flight from London to the small Caribbean island of Tobago.

I had one intention with traveling all this way: to record dig.

We landed in Tobago and ferried to Trinidad… read the story here.

The Art of record digging

Whilst in Trinidad and Tobago, I was record digging, trying to be professional with it too…

Read here my experience with record digging, what it means, how to do it, and what goes wrong!

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South Africa and Botswana

Nearing the end of the summer in 2018, I flew to Johannesburg and from there travelled the entire length of Botswana via a local bus from South Gabarone to North Maun.

From here we made our way into the lowest tips of the Okavango Delta, where I went to work in Botswana’s first ever non-traditional music festival.

Read here for my African adventures.

the oKavango delta music festival

Whilst in Botswana in August, I went to work at a music festival held on an island in the middle of the Delta. Here I worked for the first time in the inner workings of a music festival.

Read this blog for my expereince working with managment at a festival, what goes right, what goes wrong, and how people party in the Okavango Delta.

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