Trinidad and Tobago

I’ll take us all back a wee time to my first stint in Univeristy. Year one, there’s a white dreaded dude sat next to be learning the ‘tabla’ drum and I decide that we would get on.

After speaking it transpires we both have a similar passion for music, more specifically the music of the Caribbean.

Mattia is his name, and friends we became. We spent the summer exchanging ‘tune’s of the day, and discovered we both had a love for the rarer tunes, and indeed Matia was rather heavily at this point into collecting Jamaican 7’inch vinyls.

I myself had a modest collection compiled mostly of new issue African Sahara Tuareg records, mixed with various charity shop find, a few presents here adn there, and the ends of elderly families collections, whom ecitingly gave me thier stash of vinyls when I ‘got into them’. At this point, I wasn’t too bothered in 7’s nd didn’t really see to much of a point in them, why buy a tiny record for the same price you can buy a larger record?

Mattia became clearer the traditionalist of the two of us, barely accepting to like a track made out the 1960’s.